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Actor agency "Kinoart"

The agency was opened in 2009. Its activities are joining of all screen art workers of Tajikistan.

This website can help you to find screen and theatre actors and different experts of this art field. Here you can find a detailed information of everybody working in the sphere of movie in Tajikistan.

The Agency offers to movie companies and all concerned the following services in the territory of Tajikistan and adjacent Afghan territories:

  • placement of back lot
  • construction of decor
  • providing with properties and costumes
  • accomodation and accreditation
  • technical support
  • settlement of questions with government authorities

Agency contacts:

Phones: (+992 918) 74 59 73 (Dushanbe)
Phones: (+7 968) 723 72 11 (Moscow)
Phones: (+7 919) 032 03 22 (Moscow)
E-mail:   kinoart.tj@yandex.ru