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Stage and film actor

Graduate of Actor School of Lermontov Theatre, teached by M.Dudaev (YEAR)

Graduate of Russian Theatre Institute, teached by L.Kulemin (YEAR)

Artist of **** theatre

Born in 1967
178 cm, 95 kg
hair is **, eyes are **

Lives in **

Actor's skills
Languages: **
Choreography: **
Singing: **
Musical Instrument: **
Sport: horse riding
Martial Arts: Candidate Master of Sports of Greco-Roman Wrestling
Driving: motor car

(film names are not exact, they're loose translations)
Year Film name Director Role
Antidur V.Shegolkov Berezovski
The Damned Paradise I.Korobeinikov **
Hetears of Major Sokolov B.Khodoinazarov Beria
The Crying Crane E.Serov Aslan
The Bomb O.Fesenko leader of NKVD
Always Say Always I.Muzhukhin V.Shavgulidz
Tired By Sun 2 N.Mikhalkov Beria
The Sword R.Urazaev, V.Konisevich Ruslan Aliev
Zoya V.Pavlov Beria
20 Years Without Love A.Rudakov Arkadi Semyonovich
Zhukov A.Muradov Beria
The Bands S.Ginzburg D.Mardashvili
To Kill Stalin S.Ginzburg Beria
Moscow. Three Railway Stations Yu.Pavlov head of security
Orlova and Aleksandrov V.Moskalenko Beria

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